Innovation ecosystems as drivers of growth

Commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office, 4FRONT is a partner in a consortium studying and developing legal and practical measures to improve the collaboration between Finnish universities, research institutes and businesses, and to develop innovation ecosystems. The study consists of analysis of key metrics to measure the performance of innovation ecosystems, a mapping of the

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How to Improve Global Competitiveness in Finnish Business and Industry?

4FRONT together with Technopolis Group has carried out a forward-looking impact study on how the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes) individually and in collaboration with other Team Finland agencies can successfully enhance Finnish competitiveness. Based on thorough analyses of current national activities and benchmark studies on European countries, the study argues that further improved

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Strategic Partnership for Tekes Impact Assessment

Commissioned by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes), 4FRONT is one of the four strategic partners in a framework contract (2015–2018) for developing impact assessment methodologies for Tekes. The partnership comprises of several specific assignments and the continuous overall development of the impact assessment frameworks, methodologies and processes, as well as their utilisation in

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Evaluation of two Tekes FP7 connected programmes (Safety and Security, Fuel Cells)

Commissioned by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes), this ex-post evaluation analysed the results and impact of Tekes’ Safety and Security (2007–2013) and Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (2007–2013) programmes. Evaluation was conducted by a consortium of Technopolis Group (Sweden), Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik (Germany), Kasin Consulting (Finland) and 4FRONT. In addition to programme-specific objectives, the

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International Benchmarking of Strategic Centers of Excellence

Commissioned by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), 4FRONT has conducted an international comparative analysis of the selection and performance criteria and funding approaches for supporting strategic Centers of Research and Innovation Excellence.

Drivers and bottlenecks of start-up companies’ growth

Commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office, 4FRONT together with Ramboll Management Consulting Oy, Etlatieto Oy, Urban Mill and The Evidence Network Ltd have carried out a study on “drivers and bottlenecks of start-up companies’ growth”. The aim of the study was to present an overall picture of Finnish start-ups and their economic importance, and to

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The Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO)

4Front’s Managing Director Kimmo Halme is one of the authors of the annual European RIO country report on Finland. The 2015 report analyses and assesses the development and performance of the national research and innovation system in relation to national policy priorities and the EU policy agenda, with special focus on ERA and Innovation Union.

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Evaluation of Forum Virium Helsinki (FVH)

Commissioned by the Forum Virium Helsinki (FVH) Board and the City of Helsinki, 4FRONT carried out an overall evaluation of the Smart City living lab Forum Virium Helsinki; the need and rational, strategic positioning and mission, funding, organisation, project portfolios, results and impact to stakeholders.

Ex-Post Evaluation of the FP7 Capacities

Kimmo Halme of 4FRONT was contracted by the European Commission DG Research and Innovation to conduct the ex-post evaluation of the Capacities Specific Programme of EU FP7 for the High-Level Group of Experts. Ex-post report