Analyses of Sitra’s operating environment and recommendations for future development

The compiled evaluation provided analyses of Sitra’s operating environment and organisation and gave recommendations for future development. The goal of the evaluation was to support the reflections of Sitra’s future development options by providing independent information about Sitra’s role as a future-oriented organisation and driver of social change.

According to the evaluation team, formed by 4Front Oy, Owal Group Oy and Technopolis Group Ltd, Sitra has an important and special role to play in reforming Finnish society and strengthening Finland’s preparedness for the future. Sitra’s position, structure and organisation makes it well suited to this task. In addition, at its disposal it has diverse resources and procedures and a competent organisation.

However, Sitra’s impact on systemic change mainly stems from increasing its partners’ engagement and commitment. In this area, Sitra still has room for improvement in its operating methods. The evaluation recommends that Sitra further strengthen the international dimension of its operations and utilise international co-operation more actively.

Evaluation report ’Ajatushautomo, kokeilupaja ja yhteistöalusta’ (in Finnish, including Executive summary in English)