Enabling future visions and shared learning – Impact evaluation of Sitra’s two impact goals

4FRONT, in collaboration with Owal Group, has conducted an evaluation of Sitra’s two impact goals: Empowering individuals and communities and Building competences for a complex world. The objectives of the evaluation were to create an understanding of Sitra’s influence on the two impact goals and to produce knowledge to help Sitra further develop its actions and to understand the mechanisms which Sitra can use to pursue sustainable well-being.

The evaluation recommended Sitra, for example, to continue its work to synthesise and spread new types of development methods and tools for empowerment and competence building, strengthen its use of trials and disseminate the related expertise, and form closer and more visible partnerships with key stakeholders.

One of the cases conducted by 4FRONT experts focused on the role of Sitra in supporting the use of trials and experimentations as a method for learning and gathering information in an increasingly complex environment. The case concluded that Sitra has had an important, although limited, role in supporting the experimentation culture in Finland. Sitra’s contribution is especially evident in bridging the gap between theory and practice through various concrete trial and experimentation projects.

The report (in Finnish) is available for download here: https://www.sitra.fi/julkaisut/vaikuttavuusarviointi-3-ja-4-tulevaisuusnakymien-ja-oppimisen-mahdollistaja/

The picture from the evaluation report:
Sitra’s role in supporting the experimentation culture