Impact Assessment of the Tampere Region Innovation Voucher

4FRONT has conducted an impact assessment of the pilot phase of the Tampere Region Innovation Voucher scheme carried out by Business Tampere.

The object of assessment was to evaluate the impact of the pilot phase of the Innovation Voucher scheme conducted in the Tampere region between 1/2016–6/2018.  The vouchers, with a maximum value of 5 000€, were used to purchase expert services to support growth, internationalisation and digitalisation in the companies. During the pilot phase total number of 217 vouchers were granted to 205 companies. The total value of vouchers granted was nearly 1 M€.

In addition to handing out vouchers to companies, the pilot project involved developing a digital service platform, through which, the service providers displayed their services and client companies applied for the voucher.

The evaluation utilised several different methods including surveys for both the companies that received the voucher and the service providers who carried out the projects financed with the voucher.

The initial results experienced by both the companies and the service providers are very positive. The voucher has given the companies a boost in starting new development projects. Another positive finding is that the majority of projects are expected to continue after the “voucher-phase”. A majority of the companies is expecting a positive impact both on turnover and employment during the next two years.

Innovation voucher is a useful instrument as a match-making tool to promote collaboration between companies and service providers and boost the development of new ideas, products and services in companies.

Report (in Finnish)