Evaluation of Tekes’ Safety and Security and Fuel Cell Programmes

Commissioned by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes), this ex-post evaluation analysed the impact of two Tekes Programmes: Safety and Security (2007-2013) and Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (2007-2013). Evaluation was conducted by a consortium of Technopolis Group (Sweden), Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik (Germany), Kasin Consulting (Finland) and 4FRONT.

This evaluation had a two-fold objective, a) to look at how the programmes met their programme-specific objectives and b) to assess how these types of programmes facilitated the participation of Finnish organisations in the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7). The latter aspect was also benchmarked against other countries’ facilitation approaches.

In short, the two programmes resulted in increased competences and knowledge, as well as new technologies and hardware. They also generated new products, services and processes and had improved capabilities for RDI. However, the programmes’ ability to facilitate participation in the FP7 varied. The report gives recommendations for making better use of the FPs.

Evaluation report