Our values

Since the establishment of 4FRONT in 2015, we have focused on issues related to sustainable growth and economic and social renewal. Our core expertise areas include for example research, innovation and business policy, sustainable development and corporate responsibility and public sector management.

We have conducted more than 170 projects for various public sector organisations on regional (e.g. cities, regional agencies), national (e.g. ministries and government agencies) and international level (e.g. European Commission, Nordic Innovation). We also work increasingly with NGOs and private sector actors.

Key principles of our way of working are

Expertise and insight: We provide our clients with an objective and constructive vision based on strong international expertise and networks. We know our cause and our limits.

Integrity:If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’. We do our homework and not compromise on details. We get things done.  

Constant learning: We are constantly looking for new and better solutions. We are curios and want to learn more.

Responsibility: We take responsibility for our work and its impact. We want to do work that matters to society and to us. Our work is serious, even if we are not.

We are happy to tell you more!