Evaluation: Startups, accelerators and role of Tekes

4FRONT, together with Etlatieto, The Evidence Network, Erkko Autio and Paolo Borella, has conducted an evaluation on the role of Tekes in supporting Finnish startups and accelerators.

This evaluation provided an assessment of the role of Tekes activities in the Finnish startup-ecosystem as well as provided recommendations on how Tekes can improve its impact on the Finnish startup and accelerator ecosystem. The evaluation focused on Tekes R&D funding for startups, NIY programme and the VIGO programme. The evaluation utilised several different methods and approaches, including econometric analyses, web-based surveys, interviews and case-studies.

The evaluation concluded that, although the startup ecosystem has developed largely independent of Tekes, its role in catalysing and shaping the startup ecosystem should not be neglected. Tekes (Business Finland) remains an important ‘feeder’ and its main activities are highly relevant tools to support the startup ecosystem also in the near future. Tekes should maintain its role as a ‘feeder’ instead of a ‘leader’ in the ecosystem. In addition, there could be an opportunity for strengthening the ‘facilitator’ role in the future.

Report: Startups, accelerators and role of Tekes – Evaluation report