Impact study of research organisations, large company and SHOKs

Based on the evaluation, Tekes-funded projects have more apparent and broader benefits for ecosystem building, networking and collaboration together with developing really new solutions and opening or addressing new markets.

The impact study, carried out by 4Front Ltd together with Technopolis Group, produced both ex-post and forward-looking impact analysis of research, large company and SHOK-projects. Data used in the study include Tekes-funded projects that ended during 2012- 2017.

The evaluation provided answers to the three main questions:

  1. How Business Finland (ex-Tekes) funding and activities for research organizations and large companies have succeeded to develop new platforms, and in recent years to ecosystems in the Finnish innovation environment?
  2. How R&D&I funding and services have improved the utilization of research results in renewed companies and fostered competitive advantages of new business areas in the Finnish economy?
  3. What is the impact of public R&D&I funding for research organizations and large companies overall in the Finnish economy and society?

The impact study can be found here.